Our mission: To reduce our customers’ energy costs by leveraging our team’s expertise, experience and agility in energy markets, and by capitalizing on market trends.

Highly competitive rates, seamless service and years of experience.

East Coast Power & Gas is an Energy Service Company (ESCO). That means we’re able to offer you the most competitive rates. But more than that, our experience in wholesale energy markets allows us to assess risk and manage costs, passing on significant savings to our customers. You get tax savings, too! In many cases sales tax on delivery of natural gas is lowered significantly when you switch, and most delivery charges on electricity are not subject to sales tax.

At East Coast, we’re family owned and operated. We started selling fuel oil in 1938. Decades and family generations later, we now also sell electricity and natural gas, thanks to the deregulation of energy markets all over New York State. What that means for you, is we’ve been doing this for years, we’re dedicated to our customers and continue to offer them exceptional service. All of these contribute to the fact that we have one of the highest customer retention levels in the industry. It’s the way we work, and it’s a foundation of our success.

Our expertise in wholesale energy markets can help you manage risk.

Years of experience analyzing energy markets along with access to capital markets and exchanges allows East Coast to give our valued residential and commercial customers a variety of cost-saving options so they can manage energy procurement and risk. We aren’t affiliated with any utility company, so we’re able to objectively assess each customer’s needs and guide them to efficient solutions that meet their specific needs.

Why East Coast?

What differentiates East Coast is the personal service we offer homeowners and businesses, and the level of sophisticated analysis and the keen understanding of the energy markets that an ESCO our size brings to the table. Generally, an ESCO our size would outsource many responsibilities like risk management and logistics – this adds cost and risk factors. East Coast does not outsource, and we’re privately owned. We take a hands-on approach and customize plans for each individual client and company we work with. We’re able to manage your budget with a fixed rate, or be more flexible with a variable rate. All of this adds up to significant savings for our customers, and makes it easy to understand why so many homeowners and businesses choose us – and why our customer retention levels are measurably higher than other ESCOs.

We make it easy to switch!

In minutes, you can start saving. Our energy specialists will answer your questions and can help you determine what’s best for you. Or just sign up on line. There’s no interruption of service. Your bill will look exactly the same, so nothing will change. (Except your energy bill!) Why wait?

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Count on East Coast.

East Coast Power & Gas has continued to grow because we consistently deliver lower energy rates, higher quality products, and the best customer care. When you call us, you always speak to a person, not an automated system. Find out why so many home and business owners have already switched to East Coast, and start saving today.


  • Easy online sign-up!
  • No interruption of service
  • Highly competitive rates
  • Energy consultants who help you find the right plan
  • 100% Green Energy Plans
  • Great service, years of experience
  • Track record of integrity and professionalism
  • Long term, quantifiable cost-efficiencies